hliu092 发表于 2016-4-16 10:42:22


You see? JPY still rebound exactly at the time releasing the news 04:00! although there are earthquakes. Bank of Japan rebounds on time!:lol

hliu092 发表于 2016-4-16 10:49:54

The operation rules definitely make bonus! if this is implemented to EUR/USD currency pair at 07:30 AM on 15/04/2016. Both buying and selling orders can be pre-set up at 07:30 AM. If trend descends below the last bottom point, then it descend again; if the trend ascends above the last peak point, it continue to ascend!:lol However, the much higher exchange volume has been observed when EUR/USD turns to ascend compared with descending trend before this. ;P

hliu092 发表于 2016-4-16 11:08:18

Chinese construction businessman, always try to dismantle the old architecture in cities --- this is Chinese stylelish! Chinese do not only try to destroy ancient architecure in my land, but also destroys old architecure in Spain, made by Wangda, the biggest construction company in China (I read this news today!). What a greatful nation, called Chinese! Even Japanese colleagues are much more creditable than my Chinese colleagues when I works in environmental construction company in ShenZhen!   

hliu092 发表于 2016-4-16 11:20:20

There is a natural reserve called JiuLongZhang Natural Reserve in my hometown defined by Country government. However, local govenment wants to get more stones for construction, and ceases the status ofJiuLongZhang Natural Reserve in 2010 for the consent of Environmental Imapct Assessment report. Gods must punish you!
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