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Economic report 2

Journal of Environment and Health Science 《环境与卫生科学杂志》 March,2016.Issue 8
出 版      四季出版有限公司 Publisher: SI JI PUBLISHING COMPANY LIMITED
Editor: Liu Huan (1983-), Master of Science (2010), The University of Auckland. Correspondence email: VIP@czenvi.comReport on 07/03/2016At 7:00 AM 07/03/2016, the German Factory Order (YoY) increased from -2.2% to 1.1% released by FXS (Sources from http://www.fxstreet.com/economic-calendar/), which was ranked as low impact indicator taking little influence on the currency market. In comparison, the Daily FX (Sources from https://www.dailyfx.com/calendar), ranked this indicator as medium impact, and Forex.com showed incorrect data in website. Through this comparison, both Daily FX and Forex.com led to the bad decision making, whereas the FXS indicator ranked the correct significance for decision making, avoiding the property loss. There was another important reason to explain this unusual descending response to EUR appreciation indicator at 7AM: the EUR descended sharply and steadily at the exact beginning of US trading time (0:00AM 07/03/2016), that was why EUR inertially continued to depreciate at the beginning of EU trading time!This trend validated that the risk of currency futures increases dramatically due to the uncertainty over the weekend, a period out of control, and it is costly to hold the futures over the weekends due to the additional fees, described in economic report 1.

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