hliu092 发表于 2016-2-27 15:35:55

Rules for the academic plan in investment banking

In order to deduce the economic rhythmn that international currency market sensitively responds to the economic indicators when the actual value is significantly different from the expected one or the previous one, I am going to analyze the economic indicators on the basis of two economic calendars everyday, without deleting, selecting or modifying any data (this is the academic dishonesty) released by two economic calendars.Although I don't promise the punctual time, this full description also validates the prediction of market response to economic indicators on the basis of this economic theory.   Rules: It is necessary to compare and contrast two economic calendars with regards to both significance and exactly releasing time of economic indicators, and only medium (or above) impact indicators lead to the decision-making of trading. The notable advantage of the first calendar is the accuracy of releasing time, but the complementary significance of economic indicators drown by the second calendar is compulsory, which are abstracted from the research outcomings of different economists, respectively.   

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