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Copyrights Statement/版权申明

Liu Huan --- All Copyrights Reserved. Only recently published materials are open to public, and the previously published materials are saved online using the inner cloud storage of this website, accessing the materials upon request. The intellectual property of this journal is injected as equity into ChengZhu Environmental Engineering Company Ltd. of JiangXi Province. The authorship's organization is his graduation university (The University of Auckland).本杂志所有知识产权注资为江西省诚筑环保工程有限公司权益资本,作者署名单位为其毕业院校(奥克兰大学)。

All the intellectual property (mainly including the original academic knowledges and brand logo) of our website are prohibited to transfer to other publications or websites which aren't managed by this company, such as transferring the academic viewpoints or knowledge to other publication by referencing its sources is NOT allowed. This is to ensure that this company owns the exclusive internet distribution rights of copyrights within this website for brand promotion. Please note: differed from the academic database of public access, any types of intellectual property rights of our company have never been converted to any other organizations. 本公司网站中所有知识产权(原创型学术知识和品牌标识)禁止转载到其他出版物和网站,比如禁止通过引用方式转载到非本公司主办的出版物中,以确保本公司网站内版权在互联网上的独家传播权利,用于品牌推广。本公司知识产权与公共学术数据库中的期刊论文不同,本司所有学术观点的复制和传播权利并没有转让给任何其他组织,转载即违法,违法即必究!

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Please note: This HK website is used for the purpuses of company showing and copyrights protection only, without providing any commercial services in Hong Kong. Please note: the company does not promote any specific viewpoints of this websites through links to any other organization webpages or through emails. This HK journal is used for formally publishing purpose in HK only, without any commercial press and issuing (priceless knowledges). This website mainly links to Google Search Engine.

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