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In this paper, biophysics academy focus on the biological waves. Biological wave is defined as the indicator of life nature, rather than the material body of creatures. Therefore, whether or not they release life signals is the principal indicator to judge if they are alive. For example, for a multi-cellular intelligent individual organ, after the death of the individual, the body cell still has the characteristics of life and still releases the life signal wave. Creatures releases bio-electromagnetic waves in the bio-energy utilization process. Life signal waves are the biological electromagnetic waves released by organisms, which possess the characteristics of wave particle duality. However, this paper supplements the following viewpoints: the biological electromagnetic wave released by soft organism is longitudinal wave, which is that the vibration direction is the same as the wave transmission direction; the light wave (including ultraviolet light wave) is shear wave, which is that the vibration direction is perpendicular to the wave propagation direction. The key characters of biological wave (mainly including acoustic wave and bioelectromagnetic wave / life signal wave) is different from abiotic mechanical wave or electromagnetic wave: for biological wave, the conversion between different frequencies must be continuous in its wave frequency range; for abiotic mechanical wave or electromagnetic wave, the conversion between different wave frequencies can be the ‘jumping points’ and incontinuous type. For biological waves, in their own frequency range, if the probability of occurrence at each frequency is closer to the normal distribution rate, it is expected to give the purer and higher quality (for example, the singer's tone is superior; or the Qigong life signal wave is better, or the bloodlines is purer). For different species, there are distinct differences in the frequency of life signal waves, which can be used to classify different species. In the metabolic process of soft organism, bioenergy is converted between different frequencies, thus creating new energy, which does not obey the energy conservation law (the previous energy conservation theorem is based on the conclusion of the conversion of abiotic energy). In the paper of ‘biological clock’, double cell magnetic poles will be inverted from positive to negative (or from Yang to Yin) once in a life cycle. Therefore, the coordinate of biological waves equation should be defined as three coordinate axes, X axis as frequency, Y axis as amplitude and Z axis as life cycle. Positive value of Z axis is defined as "Yang Qi" time, while negative value of Z axis is defined as "Yin Qi" time.

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Features of metabolomics in this paper:

1. Succession of study focus on the metabolic biochemistry pathways from primary metabolites to final metabolites, but choose enzymes as the indicator of metabolic reaction pathways;

2.Compared with previous enzyme spectroscopy, this article utilizes the matrix equation system to systematically analyze the cell function regulation pathway, because the environment adaptability trait of cell (such as a specific pathogen resistance) is functioned by multiple metabolic pathways to regulate a number of sub-functions, and the multiple sub-functions and pathways are not independent of each other;

3. It connects genotypes with phenotypes to distinguish which functions of cells are inherited and which need to be cultivated.
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