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Environment & Finance

Main Business: Planning to Operate Environmental Facilities/Products Business in FreeTrade Zones of Mainland China; Intangible Asset Investment (International Brand Promotion & LEI license); This company maintains banking & hedging accounts in Interactive Brokers, Euro Pacific Bank, and Boslil Bank. Environment & Finance.

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主营业务:国际生态科技投资有限公司计划在中国大陆综合保税区(自由贸易区)经营环境设备、产品业务;无形资产投资(国际品牌推广& LEI 许可证);本公司在以下金融机构开立银行 & 对冲账户:Interactive Brokers, Euro Pacific Bank, and Boslil Bank;环境与金融。

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Please note: This HK website is used for the purpuses of company showing and copyrights protection only, without providing any commercial services in Hong Kong. The securities investment viewpoints in this website doesn'tconstitute investment advice. This entity is NOT required to hold a fund license to provide fund management business with or for its related entity from within BVI, which is defined as excluded persons in the same group according to BVI Secutities and Investment Act (2010). This entity operates as international trade company in Free Trade Zones of Mainland China only, and does not conduct any fund investment business in Mainland China.

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